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The Boo Crew: A Halloween Playdate

October 24, 2016

Calling all ghosts and ghouls, we've got exactly one week until Halloween ! I've got plenty of spooky run for you, so round up your little ones and their favorite friends for a scary good time!

If you've read my other playdate posts, you know my play dates generally follow a simple formula:

1. Craft Time
2. Activity/Game Time
3. Meal
4. Dessert

We started out our play date decorating pumpkins! How perfect was this tassel banner and BOO balloons Twigs & Twirls sent me? I'm obsessed!!

 We went the easy route with craft kids made of sticky foam. They required some adult assistance but the kids were able to stick most of the pieces on themselves.

They won't turn out perfect if you let the kids take the reigns, but they turn out so much cuter that way!!

Craft time was followed by activity time, with a simple bean bag toss game. I got the board for $5 at Target, but you could make it pretty easily by yourself with poster board, paint, and a knife!

This was lots of fun even for the little ones! Bigger kids can stand farther back, and keep track of points.

Dinner was up next, since little tummies were starting to grumble!

The kids chowed down on mummy hotdogs, monster apples, and pumpkin macaroni and cheese.

I made the macaroni by decorating orange cups with a black paint pen to look like pumpkins, and then filling them up with macaroni and a stick of cucumber for the stem!

The hot dogs were made by wrapping strips of bisquit around hot dogs before baking them in the oven, then adding candy eyes on top! 

The monsters were just chunks of apple with strawberry slices for tongues and candy eyes on top!

To make their drinks I drew pumpkin faces on glass bottles using a paint pen, then filled them up with orange mango juice to look like pumpkins! Those adorable straws are also from Twigs & Twirls.

For dessert we served up Pumpkin Cupcakes!

These were super simple to make! The cupcakes were baked using Halloween Funfetti mix and then iced with orange icing. A tootsie roll made the stem, and green icing was used to create a vine.

You might say they were a hit....

We rounded out the evening letting the kids run out some of their energy with all of the extra confetti ballons Twigs & Twirls sent over.

These balloons are SO fun, and can be made in any color combination you can think of.

The kids had just as much fun playing with the balloons as they did with the pre-planned activities!

Do you have fun plans for Halloween? I'd love to hear about them, leave me a comment below! 

Here's a handy pin so you can save these ideas! 

Tassel Banner, Boo Balloons, & Confetti Balloons - Twigs & Twirls
Glass bottles, Pumpkin kits, Cupcake supplies, & Bean bag Toss - Target
Table cloth & Plates - Walmart
Pebbles Flintstone Costume - BDusty Kids Clothing
Fred Flintstone & Bamm Bamm Rubble Costumes - Handmade with Momma Love 
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