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All the Fall Things Part 2

October 17, 2016

I recently had a three day weekend due to Rosh Hashana, and Jacob and I were lucky enough to be able to escape up to Michigan for a few days and escape the billion degree weather down here in Florida. 
If you missed the first part of our fall getaway check it out here!

Sunday we started the day at church and then headed out to Birds Big Punk'ns. Their name does not lie. Some of those pumpkins were bigger than Jacob! We picked out a few for Grandma's porch and then we were able to pick fresh raspberries in their patch. There was a LOT of taste testing going on. I don't think ANY of Jacob's berries ended up anywhere but his mouth. We grabbed some burgers for lunch at a little roadside stand, and then headed back for nap.

After nap we headed over to Parmenters Cider Mill. There was a line out the door so we didn't wait for any donuts of cider but Jacob was thrilled to run around and play on all the fun structures they have. There's a train, a huge truck, and several small wooden houses. Basically a kid's dream. 

From there we headed downtown to Center Street Grill where we got some of the best pizza, then walked around looking at some of the Northville skeletons. Each business puts one out dressed up in different themes, and it's super interesting to walk around and look at them all. Jacob was particularly fond of the "cowboy bones."

Early Monday morning we were on our flight back home, but we had the BEST time, with the most wonderful weather. I'm super hopeful that I'll have a long weekend again next year so that we can make a fall visit again! I know Grandma would love that!!

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