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All the Fall Things Part 1

October 12, 2016

I recently had a three day weekend due to Rosh Hashana, and Jacob and I were lucky enough to be able to escape up to Michigan for a few days and escape the billion degree weather down here in Florida. 

It seems like we say this every year, but i swear fall is hotter than summer. Or maybe it's that we expect summer to be hot and miserable, but hope that it will start cooling down in the fall and are disappointed when it doesn't. Either way, this fall has been miserable and we were more than happy to escape up north to sweater weather for a few days. 

I took the day off on Friday so we headed up late Thursday night. I had high hopes that such a late flight would mean sleep for Jacob but that wasn't in his plans. He played, and fussed, and ate, and fussed some more, but he was awake the entire flight. We landed four hours past bedtime and he passed out in his stroller as we approached the baggage claim. Naturally. We both slept well that night!

Friday morning we headed out with grandma to Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill. We spent quite a bit of time checking out the tractors, and watching the farm animals. We tried some apples, donuts, and cider, then headed back outside. Jacob chased the chickens around yelling "come back chicken, come back here!" until it started to lightly rain and we headed back to Grandmas.

We took nice, long naps while we waited for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive. Then we made a huge pot of chili, nice warm cornbread, and pumpkin roll for dessert. Jacob was in heaven with all the extra attention.

Saturday morning we all squeezed into the car and we made a trip out to Wiard's Orchards. The farm is huge with so many fun things to do. First up we rode the hayride. It takes a trip through the land of the lost which I'm sure is quite spooky at night. Jacob liked all the bones. Then we rode the fire truck, which was Jacob's favorite. You get to sit up top in the back as they go all around the farm. They have a huge corn maze, which I must say was much better than our local corn maze because we weren't sweating through our clothes. We did get a little lost, only because we didn't realize that the exit we were looking for was at the same end as the entrance. Luckily we did find our way out! Then, saving the best for last, we went into the orchards and picked some apples. Jacob surprised me by being really good at their "twist and pull" instructions that remove the apples without damaging the branches. There was definitely some taste testing going on, but we still took home a big bag of apples to bake with. 

Jacob took a nap upon our arrival home, while I baked up apple crisp with our fresh apples we had picked. By the time Jacob woke up it was time to watch some football (go blue!) along with all our favorite football snacks. We saved the apple crisp as a special treat later that evening. 

To Be Continued....
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