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Halloween Candy: How to Keep it All For Yourself (without a fuss!)

October 31, 2016

Name your addiction of choice - peanut butter cups? skittles? sour patch kids? Regardless of which you like I'm here to tell you, they're yours if you want them. 

No more prying them out of your kids hands as they scream "MINE!", no more sneaking them out of their plastic pumpkins after they've gone to bed. 

Nope, you can in fact get your kids to willingly hand over their candy to you, and I'm here to tell you how. 

As an educator, I've long been familiar with the story of the Switch Witch. A good friend of mine  calls it the Candy Fairy. Same girl, different name. 

Here's how it works: 

On Halloween night (or a a night or two later) your kids leave out their candy. They can leave as much as they want. 

During the night the Switch Witch/Candy Fairy comes and takes their candy, leaving a gift in it's place. 

The more candy they leave, the better the gift. 

This is of course a win-win situation. Your kids get something fun that will last longer than a few weeks, and you are hopefully spared cavity filled kids come their next dentist visit. 

And if you want to keep all the candy and eat it yourself? Well friend, this is a judgement free zone. EAT AWAY. 

I won't stop you! 

You can grab my Switch Witch/Candy Fairy tags by clicking on the picture below! 

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