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Stars & Stripes & Sleepless Nights

July 5, 2016

I was wished a happy long weekend no less than 5 times this past weekend and I had to laugh every time. If you don't know, I'm a teacher. The entire summer is one giant, long weekend. And it's glorious.

Especially when I get to celebrate my favorite holiday. I just LOVE the 4th of July. Maybe it's all the red, white, and blue. Maybe it's the WW2 veterans in the local parade. Whatever it is, I look forward to it every year and this year with a wild toddler was no exception.

We spent July 3 relaxing at home. We played with chalk, played on the slide and went swimming.

Jacob was sent this baseball print sun hat from The Unbroken Circle and it completed his outfit so perfectly! It's reversible and the other side has fish on it, so it will match lots of his other clothes too. Keep an eye out next week, I'll be giving away one sun hat from The Unbroken Circle on Instagram!

Before bed we went hunting for treasures in our PJs.

Jacob found three leaves and a stick that he collected in his jar.

Little man is on a bagel and cream cheese kick asking for them at every meal, so you know I had to make it extra special for Independence Day.

Late that night, about three hours after Jacob had gone to bed the fireflies were out in full force. So I did the crazy thing and I woke him back up and carried him outside. We stood in the middle of the dark field next to my parents house and we watched as their little lights flickered all around us. No pictures of course, because it was too dark and we were living in the moment, but it was MAGICAL.

Jacob was woken up twice by neighbors shooting off fireworks that night. (Hence the sleepless nights part of this posts title)

We woke up bright and early on the 4th of July ready to go see the city parade.

It was a little chilly so we layered on jeans and a long sleeve shirt, but he still looked cute.

The wait for the parade to start was about 90 minutes, but little man did a pretty good job keeping himself occupied with some toddler apps, sampling coffee, and walking around.

I love, love, love parades and Jacob was equally enthralled by the fire trucks, horses, dogs, floats, balloons, and Santa.

He danced to the music from the marching bands, waved to the veterans, and thoroughly enjoyed a tootsie roll pop that was thrown his way.

After the parade it started to warm up and we headed to the city wide picnic.

Jacob refused his hot dog but happily ate chips and ice cream. (What's a holiday without some junk food?)

He happily played on the playground, rode the children's train, and even worked the fire hose.

He was one happy and tired kid by the time we left and took a good long nap.

For dinner we made some special 4th of July Pancakes.

I mixed red, white, and blue sprinkles in with the pancake batter, then topped the pancakes with strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and more sprinkles.

We didn't stay up late for fireworks because a) little man is terrified of them and b) our town does them in late June for Liberty Fest so we had already seen them. (which is how we know Jacob is afraid - he says "uh-oh" and literally shakes everytime one of them goes off.)

Jacob was woken up once 4th of July night by neighbors fireworks. Let's hope they are all done now!!

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!!!
3 comments on "Stars & Stripes & Sleepless Nights"
  1. Your son is the cutest! I'm glad he had a fun day. And let's hope the fireworks are done.
    Those outfits are so cute.

  2. He is so adorable! I love his patriotic outfits!

  3. Love all the pics and jealous that you got to watch fireflies. I do not believe I have ever seen one myself! lol