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I Do in Indiana

July 18, 2016

We are finally home from our summer travels! Whew! Let me show you just how crazy it's been! 

For right now, let's focus in on the middle part, our 5 hour drive from Detroit to Bloomington and back. 5 hours in the car with a toddler is just about last on my list of fun things to do, but we had a super special reason to go - my brother was getting married! 

First up, the car ride Thursday morning. Jacob did ok considering this was the longest car trip he's ever taken. I purchased a portable DVD player, rented a lot of movies from the Libary, and that kept him entertained. He slept a little bit, but we weren't able to time things well to line up with nap time. There aren't too many stops between Detroit and Bloomington, so we hit up a McDonalds around lunch time.

Upon our arrival in Bloomington we checked into the Hyatt Place Bloomington which is right downtown near the square. The location was super convenient to both the church ceremony and the dinner reception and we appreciated being able to walk everywhere. Jacob loved the big shower!

The lighting in the room was fantastic, and I couldn't help but snap a few (hundred) photos in there. The beds were really comfortable, and as Jacob would tell you - plenty big for jumping on. 

After our arrival we made a quick trip to VIP nail salon right on the square, to get some mani/pedis before the wedding. The salon is clean and beautiful and they did a great job on our nails!

After nails we grabbed Jacob from back at the hotel and met up with the Bride and Groom at Uptown Cafe. The service here was impeccable. Our server was super knowledgeable and answered all our questions helping us decide. Most of us opted for their creole specialties including Cajun meatloaf, gumbo, and shrimp and grits. I ordered the childrens macaroni for Jacob which all the adults thought was incredible. Jacob on the other hand refused to eat it. The restaurant was SUPER nice and made him a peanut butter and jelly which isn't even on their children's menu. I've heard they have a really great weekend brunch as well, but we were too busy with wedding stuff to check it out. 

Little man slept really well that night in the pack and play that the Hyatt provided. Friday morning we went to the Hyatt's continental breakfast which has to be one of the best continental breakfasts I've ever seen. They had all your staples - cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit, but they also had quite a bit of hot food including a oatmeal bar, eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, several different breakfast sandwiches and sausage gravy with bisquits. It was amazing! 

After breakfast we took a walking trip to the local copy place to get some things printed for the wedding. This allowed us a chance to explore and see some of the areas between our hotel and Indiana University. It really is such a pretty town! 

For lunch we grabbed a bite to eat at The Scholars Inn Bakehouse which reminded us a little bit of a Panera. Some of us got lunch such as sandwiches and salads, and some of us got breakast like bisquits and gravy and pancakes. 

After naptime it was time to head to the wedding rehearsal at the First Christian Church of Bloomington. My new sister-in-law is the daughter of the minister here, so it was no question where the ceremony was held. That being said, this church is beautiful!! Their is so much stained glass and natural light streaming in through the windows. We rehearsed how the ceremony would go (and Jacob made quite a bit of noise after he realized the church echoed) and then we headed to the rehearsal dinner. 

For the rehearsal dinner the couple rented a picnic pavilion at Bryan Park and we had Chipotle catered. They invited everyone who was already in town so we got to spend time with our families and see everyone which was nice. Little man snuck a car out of the church nursery and zoomed it all over the pavilion!

We tried to get a picture with the bride and groom... but someone wasn't cooperating!

After the rehearsal dinner I sent Jacob back to the hotel with my parents to go to bed and made the  drive up to Indianapolis to pick up Dan from the airport. Geographically Bloomington and Indianapolis aren't very far apart, but there are no highways in between so it took about an hour. But boy did it feel good to get back to the hotel and have our whole little family under one roof! 

Saturday morning we hit up the amazing breakfast at the Hyatt again and then it was wedding time! I left Jacob with Daddy and headed with my mom and sister to Senoj Salon where we met up with the bride for hair and makeup. The salon is really nice and they did a great job on our hair and make up without it being too pricy!

We headed to the church after that where we got dressed, took pictures, and waited for the ceremony to start. Shortly before show time Dan showed up with Jacob and we took him to the nursery where they had childcare provided. 

The ceremony was beautiful, meaningful, and I've learned that I'm just not cut out for heels. I did manage to keep the rings in my pocket and hand them over at the appropriate time during the ceremony, so that was a relief! 

After the ceremony there was a big cake and punch reception for everyone on the upper level of the church. The Bride and Groom cut their cake and in Samoan tradition gave away the various tiers to important people in their lives. Someone at the church had taken care of the tea sandwiches, cake, and punch and it was all delicious! Jacob was super grumpy by this point so Dan took him back to the hotel to try and squeeze in a nap before the dinner reception and thankfully he was successful. 

The evening dinner reception was more intimate with close family and friends. It was held at the Fountain Square Ballroom which overlooks the gorgeous downtown area.  It started out like any recption you might expect to attend. Dinner was served, speeches, were given, and there was lots of dancing. 

Halfway through the night the Samoan traditions began. The new couple were given a rug from the brides family, and then all of the bridal party got to change into traditional Samoan clothing and perform a dance. 

Our little guy made it all the way to the end, dancing his little heart out, and showing his moves to anyone who would listen. He also came to the conclusion that my uncle is a pirate, and that my aunts cane is a pirate stick. Go figure. 

At the end of the night everyone waved off the newlyweds with ribbon as their family sang a traditional Samoan song that was absolutely beautiful. They have some amazing singers in their family!!!

If you guessed that we were back at the Hyatt's buffet Sunday morning, you'd be right! We were sad to leave that amazing breakfast buffet behind! I had to take some more pictures in that great light, especially with Jacob dressed so cute for church!

We walked back to the Church where we attended the Sunday morning services. Jacob recognized the nursery at this point and screamed when we dropped him off, but he was happily playing with a train when we went to pick him back up. He loves his trains!

After church we packed up our cars then met the Bride, Groom, and the family at The Village Inn for the Sunday brunch. The food here was hot, fresh, and delicious! As brunch came to a close we said goodbye to the Bride and Groom as they prepared to leave for their honeymoon and we started our drive back to Detroit. 

This time, we hit nap time right on the dot and Jacob napped for FOUR hours on our drive back. When he did finally wake up we grabbed a quick bite at an applebees in lower Michigan and then finished our drive. 

It was an amazing weekend full of family, and so much love for the new Bride and Groom. We loved being introduced to Samoan culture and Bloomington was beautiful! We definitely won't hesitate to visit again! 

A special thank you to Jack & Lily for sending Jacob the cutest sandals for the rehearsal and wedding. He was so comfy in them all weekend, walking all around Bloomington. The Benning sandals are dark brown leather, and gave his outfits the formal touch they needed!

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