Love Grows Here {a sentimental handprint craft} | Tuesdays with Jacob

Love Grows Here {a sentimental handprint craft}

May 12, 2016

Jacob has three of the best grandmother's around who love on him big time, so when Mother's Day came around we knew we wanted to make something extra special and meaningful for his Grandma, Mimi, and Nonna. 

All three women have beautiful garden areas in their yards with lots of flowers so we settled on a handmade flower pot that we could personalize and fill with flowers for their garden. 

All you need for this project is a clay pot, acrylic paint, and some paintbrushes 

To get ready we dressed Jacob in an old shirt that we wouldn't mind getting paint on and laid down an old towel so that we wouldn't get paint on our porch. 

Then we painted Jacob's hand green and stamped it all around the pot, reapplying paint after each stamp. 

Your toddler will be eager to help, so they won't all turn out perfect, but that's part of the charm. 

Once we made our way all the way around stamping about six times, our first stamps were starting to dry so we washed jacobs hand and then used our other colors to paint his finger and dot on flowers. 

We did one color at a time, washing his hand off with a baby wipe in between until all the stalks were full of flowers. 

Then, we left the pot outside to dry and after Jacob went to bed I went back over it with a paint brush and added in grass, leaves, and clouds. Then it was time to plant! 

I got out our bag of dirt, and let Jacob start filling the pot about two inches full. 

Once there was a soil base I added in the flowers and we continued filling the pot with soil around them. 

The bright yellow flowers looked so cheerful in the pot and we were all set for Mother's Day! 

These make such wonderful keepsakes, even when children have grown. How precious to look back and remember how small their hands once were! 

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