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For Every Step {a Freshly Picked giveaway}

May 16, 2016

Susan Petersen has been a huge inspiration to me for a while now. Ever since i saw her story on Shark Tank I knew that with enough hard work and determination I could make just about anything happen. 

If you are unfamiliar with her story, Susan built her company from the ground up. Literally. Susan started Freshly Picked one summer by taking discarded windows from her brother's window installation company, hammering out the glass and selling the metal to a scrap yard.
 She used the money from selling the metal to buy a bag of scrap leather at a yard sale and made her first pairs of baby moccasins. 

Today, her company is huge. She sells hundreds of thousands of moccasins every year, and it all started with those window pains. Hard work and determination. 

Besides being big fans of Susan's, we're also big fans of her moccasins. Jacob has worn them since before he could walk. In the beginning they were the only shoes that would actually stay on his chubby little  feet. 

The leather is soft and comfortable, much better for babies learning to walk than hard soles. 

Jacob's first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins were Swimming with the Sharks. To this day it's one of my favorites. The dark gray is a perfect neutral that went with almost everything. 

Swimming with the Sharks was quickly followed by Neon Green, a bright yellow

Golden Rod, a sunny yellow

Fleet Week, a dark navy, 

and Platinum, a metallic silver. 

These will always be my favorite. Jacob learned to walk in his Platinum moccasins. His sweet footprints are etched on the bottom, and I'm pretty sure I'll keep them forever as a keepsake. 

Currently, Jacob wears Oasis. It's a gorgeous ocean blue that reminds us of the tropics. 

Now that Jacob is older his Freshly Picked moccasins are pretty much the only shoe he can get on and off by himself. You may have noticed there are some pretty big age gaps in the photos above - the elastic around the ankle stretches quite a bit, making the moccasins fit longer than your average shoe. The elastic also makes it easy for little hands to get them on and off as they become more independent.

The shoes are light enough and soft enough that we can wear them without socks, a definite plus here in South Florida. They are also SUPER durable. We've worn them as long as six months at a time on every kind of terrain you can think of - even in the ocean! - without a single hole. 

Want to win your own pair, in any color of your choice? Enter below! 
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