Tuesdays with Jacob: 43 Weeks | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 43 Weeks

April 14, 2015

Oh big boy, you are getting so independent. You like to do EVERYTHING yourself. Especially when it comes to meals. 

You love "helping" me with your clothes too. 

You got to go out to eat at Chick Fil A with mommy this week and you LOVE the cow. You were watching him like a hawk even after he left our table. 

You also went shopping with me, you love to sit in the cart and watch all the people. You are very curious. 

We love to play outside in the warm sunshine, you like to watch all the cars as they drive by. 

We got to go visit baby Emily this week and take her family some food. She is SO tiny! 

You are very good at escaping and kind of boundaries we put up for you, and you love to get into everything!!

You are standing more and more and even take a step or two with your walker before sitting down. 

You think bath time squirt toys are very funny 

And you are getting better at playing ball! 

You love to bang on things, and even better if it's a toy that makes noise! 

You are getting so big, so fast!!

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