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Tuesdays with Jacob: 42 weeks

April 7, 2015

You are getting so fast at crawling and you love to explore EVERYTHING. Balls are a favorite toy and you are catching on to games. When we roll you the ball you try to roll it back or pick it up and throw it. We love having you eat at the table with us now. You really love fish but will eat just about anything we put in front of you.

You sleep in some crazy positions!

Here's a little peek into your new ball playing skills!

What a great week we had! Easter was this week and Opening Day for baseball!

Wednesday you went to see your Great Aunt Lois and some cousins.

We went to the Beach on good Friday with friends and had a blast!

Then we met Daddy downtown for lunch. You were so excited to see Daddy and you loved your Latkes.

Saturday morning we lazed around in bed until Daddy had to go to work.

Then we made a quick trip to Walmart for some last minute Easter supplies. You love sitting in the cart and smiling at everyone we pass in the store!

Saturday night we read you your Easter book and put you to bed in your bunny jammies. Then we laid out your clothes for church and dinner and set up your Easter Basket.

Easter morning you were all smiles and you LOVED exploring everything in your basket!

Then it was time for church. Easter morning was very hot and muggy so we left your sweater vest at home and just brought you in your dress shirt.

You had a good time in the nursery and even got to see the Easter bunny again afterwards. 

We came home for a nap and you played with some of your new toys. You discovered bubbles for the first time and after being a little confused decided you like them.

Then it was time for dinner at Pop Pop and Mimis. You loved the ham, potato, and rolls.

What a blessed Easter we had with our little bunny!!

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