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Baskets & Bunnies: 10 Months

April 3, 2015

Let's start out by making something clear. For us, Easter is not about baskets and bunnies. It's about grace, life, salvation and so much more. But we grew up with the basket tradition and so we want Jacob to have those fun memories too. Here's what's in his basket!

1. Mickey Mouse Microphone: Little guy LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and his favorite part is the songs. When I saw this microphone at Walgreens that plays all three of the songs from the show, I couldn't pass it up. 

2. Fisher Price Remote: What is it with kids and remotes? I got this one in hopes that Jacob would leave the real one alone. Wishful thinking? Probably. 

3. Bumgenius Cloth Diaper: The baby equivalent of socks at Christmas. Practical, but in a fun spring print. Bumgenius is our cloth diaper brand of choice. 

4. Melissa & Doug Turtle Bubbles: We haven't introduced bubbles to Jacob yet, but I saw lots of suggestions for bubbles in Easter baskets so we'll see if he likes them!

5. DK Kids Bath Book: Jacob has just one bath book that he loves. I got him another so he'd have variety. This one teaches colors. (His other teaches numbers)

6. Peek-a-Whoo Embroidered JellyCat Bunny: JellyCat makes the softest stuffed animals ever. Jacob has the gorilla that we take his picture with every month. He loves him, but when pictures are over he goes back on the shelf so he will still be in good condition for the next month's picture. So when I saw that Peek-a-whoo was embroidering JellyCat bunnies for Easter, it was a no brainer. You can't see it in this picture, but Jacob's monogram is on one of the floppy ears. Now he has a JellyCat he can play and snuggle with. Plus, doesn't every kid need a bunny in their basket? 

7. Bannor Toys Apple Teether: We love Bannor Toys teethers. Jacob has a heart one from Valentine's Day. This one came in our montly subscription from a little bundly, but I tucked it away for his basket.

8. Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup: Thus far we have not had great success getting Jacob to take a sippy cup. He just doesn't get it. He tries to bite the spout like a teething toy. We're determined to really start working on it with him. 

9. Skip Hop Bee Snack Cup: There's not much Jacob loves more than puffs. He could seriously snack all day long if we let him. I love this cup because the flexible opening only lets him take out one puff at a time.

10. Easter Eggs: They are stuffed full of Jacob's favorite snacks:

11. Skip Hop Busy Bead Tree: Jacob had fun playing with a bead toy like this at a friends house, so I started looking around for one to get him. I love the tree, leaf, and animal take on this one. A fresh update of a classic toy! 
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