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10 on the 10th: April Edition

April 10, 2015

Little Chunk is 10 months old! Here are ten things all about you!!

1. You now eat at the table with mommy and daddy. We cut up whatever we are eating into little pieces and you love it. Fish is your favorite, but you will eat anything. 

2. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day AND Easter.

3. We went on a special trip to St. Augustine with Grandma and Papa over Spring Break

4. You ride in your big boy car seat now

5. You like to go to the beach!

6. You LOVE snacks - veggie straws, cheddar rabbits, puffs, yogurt drops, baby cookies

7. You can crawl up on all fours now and you are really fast!

8. You love to pull up on things and then use your hands to bang on them. 

9. You like to give hugs and kisses

10. You had your 9 month check up and now weight 20 lbs and are 29" long! Big boy!!

We love you so!!
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