Tuesdays with Jacob: 14 weeks old | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 14 weeks old

September 23, 2014

You have become so obsessed with your hands! You are always trying to put them in your mouth and suck on them, and you are starting to figure out how to suck your thumb!

You are getting very interested in your toys too! You love to grab onto them and try to eat them. 

You are now able to hold up your head and your upper body, so strong! 

Still rolling like a champ :)

Your favorite toy is your fishy - you love the crinkly tail! 


You are talking so much more now! 

We put away the 0-3 month clothes this week and pulled out the 3-6 month clothes. They are a little big but your 0-3s were too short! 

Sunday we ran some errands and then we watched Football. The Eagles won again! Now they are 3-0!!

You are very interested in football ;)

We went out for Greek food with Pop Pop and Mimi, and you charmed all the waiters and eaters with your big blue eyes. Halfway through dinner the soft Greek music was too much for you and you fell right asleep.

14 weeks of sweetness!

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