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Tuesdays with Jacob: 12 Weeks Old

September 9, 2014

Football is back! You are ready for your first football season to kickoff! The Eagles won their first game of the season so your praying paid off!!

praying for an Eagles win! 

Besides football kickoff, this Sunday is also grandparents day. Since you are now good at grabbing things I decided to see if I could get you to hold a crayon. And you did! You made these pictures to mail to your grandparents :)

You are growing stronger and more in control of your muscles every day!

You are obsessed with your hands! You try so hard to get your thumb into your mouth but you haven't quite figured it out yet. You usually end up just sucking on the whole fist.

Your hair is more mohawk like by the minute ;)

we took you in our neighborhood pool for the first time this week. Mommy is hoping that if we take you often you won't be afraid of the water.

Swimming wore you right out because you went to bed early and slept for 9 hours!

Mommy has started to get you into a bed time routine - bath, pjs, story, milk snack and then into bed.

Mommy let you watch your Praise Baby DVD from Susan for the first time this week so she could make some lunch without holding you and you loved it!!

On Sunday you went to the nursery at church for the first time!! Leaving you with Deanna made it much easier!

After service we enjoyed the church picnic with the Gills while you slept!

We were without tv for a day this week since we were switching providers. It was a hard day, mommy didn't realize how much she depends on TV to entertain her while you nurse! We rented a bunch of redbox movies and went out for ice cream to pass the time!

12 weeks of our chunky monkey


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