10 on the 10th: September Edition | Tuesdays with Jacob

10 on the 10th: September Edition

September 10, 2014

Here are ten wonderful things about Jacob at 3 months old! 

1. You love your lovey. Love to grab it, wave it around, and try to eat it. 

2. You can roll over front to back! 

3. You are obsessed with your hands! 

4. You love to go for walks in your stroller.

5. You are awesome at holding up your head during tummy time. 

6. You went swimming in our pool for the first time!

7. You love watching the fan! 

8. You sleep for about 9-10 hours a night, waking up once around 5 or 6am to eat. 

9. You finally made your first trip to church.

10. You've been on your first airplane ride! 

We love you so much!!!
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