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Tuesdays with Jacob: 9 Weeks Old

August 19, 2014

We spent the beginning of this week packing for our big trip! Mommy was feeling a little nervous about flying with a baby, and thought she should be as prepared as possible. 

Here's what we packed for one week away with Jacob: 

Carry On: 
6 diapers
wipes case
2 burp cloths
1 bottle
Formula packets
nursing cover
gas drops
change of clothes for baby, mommy, and daddy
zip lock bags for any dirty clothes
baggies for dirty diapers

1 week of clothes 
1 week of pajamas
3 pairs of pants
3 long sleeve shirts
3 pairs of socks
1 zip up jacket
1 swim suit + rash guard
1 sun hat
Sun Tent
infant life jacket
Gas drops
Gripe water
Stuffy nose kit
Health kit
2 swaddle blankets
2 stroller blankets
2 bottles

Luckily, we are able to borrow a lot of baby things from friends and family, so that really cut down on our packing.

Thursday morning it was time for our big trip! you did so well on your first airplane ride! Mommy fed you right before boarding so you were very tired. The flight wasn't full so they let you sit next to us in your carseat and you slept almost the whole time. You opened your eyes for just a few minutes when we took off and again when we landed.

When we got to Michigan Papa picked us up and we went home for your big party! This was your first pool party but it was a little chilly so only some of your cousins swam. I'll be doing a separate post on your special party later this week :)

On Friday we went wedding dress shopping with aunt Alyse to find the perfect dress. You slept through the first bridal store, and then woke up at the second. Mommy fed you and we played on the floor while Alyse tried on dresses. We found the perfect one!

By the time we stopped for lunch at Sizzlin' Sticks you were fast asleep again.

Later that night we went to the Music in the Park concert series in downtown Plymouth. You slept through almost all of your first concert but woke up at the very end. On our way back to the car you decided you were hungry and screamed the whole way to the car. Luckily I was able to feed you in the car and you calmed down.

You loved looking at the lights in the trees!

On Saturday we met Uncle Ron and his family for lunch at Ichiban, then went over to his office to write our will.

Later that night Alyse and Sasa went to a soccer game and Grandma and Papa went to a wedding so we hung out at the house and ordered chinese. Later we took Scout and went for one of our night time walks around the neighborhood.

Sunday morning we packed up the car and drove up north to Beulah to meet your great grammie. We met her for lunch at Storm Cloud Brewery in Frankfort before heading back to her house on the lake.

We took you for your very first boat ride and as usual the motion put you right to sleep!

Later that night we went for dinner at the Hungry Tummy, then we got ice cream at the Scoop and went to the beach in Frankfort to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan.

There were lots of baby cuddles from your great grammie!

Late Sunday night Uncle Jared and Papa drove up to meet us too. On Monday uncle Jared baptized you by the lake! There will be a special post all about your baptism later this week!

We liked the brewery so much we took Papa and Uncle Jared back there on Monday night! Mommy and Papa had root beer floats, and uncle Jared had a flight of beer. We all enjoyed flat bread pizzas, salads, and chicken wraps!

You slept so well at the lake, 7-8 hour stretches! We were all happy campers!!

It was such a fun trip to the lake!

Michigan is so fun!

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