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Tuesdays with Jacob: 8 Weeks Old

August 12, 2014

Our little guy turned 2 months old this week!!

We started our week with a gorgeous day at the beach! Jacob is too little for the actual beach during the day so we stuck to the boardwalk and got pizza for lunch and ice cream. Jacob slept through pizza, but woke up just in time to stare me down as I ate my ice cream.

Someone just realized he isn't getting any ice cream.... 

I started tracking Jacob's nap times this week in hopes that he starts to put himself on a schedule over the next month. Right now his naps are fairly inconsistent, but I did notice some patterns.

 He usually takes a 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap about an hour after he wakes up in the morning. Sometimes I crawl back into bed during this time depending how early it is.

Then he's usually awake for 1 to 1 1/2 hours before his mid-day nap which is usually the shortest of the day- around an hour.

He pretty consistently takes his afternoon nap from 3-5 every day.Unfortunately this nap sometimes coincides with our neighborhood landscaping guys and Jacob gets woken up from the dogs barking.

He still wakes around 3-4 times a night for feedings.

The best part of this week was that Jacob started sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches at night!! He wakes up much happier when he's gotten a good night of sleep...

...until he realizes he's gone 5-6 hours without eating. Then the hunger cries begin!

Jacob loves napping anywhere with motion - especially the car and his swing!

In between naps he is wide awake and ready to play!
We really do NOT watch the Maury show, but I turned the tv on then ran into the kitchen to flip some eggs and came back to find him staring at it!


Leo loves when Jacob is down on the floor!

 Staring at the ceiling fan is a favorite activity :)

 Sometimes playtime puts you right to sleep!

Like I mentioned last week, Jacob out grew his newborn bath sponge :( So this week we got out his baby bath for the first time!

Daddy worked a lot this week since we're going away next week, so there was lots of Jacob and Mommy time. 

Everything is a little better at nighttime when Daddy comes home :)

You still love our nightly walks, Leo likes to be in the lead ;)

Jacob went in to visit Daddy's work for the first time this week, and then we went across the street where they gave us free coffee to celebrate his arrival!

8 weeks of cuteness!

Can't believe you are 2 months old!!

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