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Suds and Duds

June 4, 2011
When I say laundry time at our house has been a real drag the last year.....I mean it literally. When we moved into our house (now ten years old) we knew that the appliances were new with the house and had not been replaced since. Being new homeowners we didn't really know what that meant. Apparently not all appliances have that long of a life and can get costly to fix. We first discovered this when our dishwasher died. We replaced it and went on our merry way.

Our Dryer has been dying a slow death in the past year as well. I can't remember a time when we only had to run one cycle to get a load of laundry dry. It used to take two cycles and has grown to three. Laundry was an all day process. Throw in a load.... wait an hour.... switch it to the dryer.... wait an hour.....turn the dryer back on..... wait an hour.....turn the dryer back on..... wait an hour. It took for-e-ver. We tried to fix it, tried to patch a hole in the coils.... and they desinigrated...likely a fire hazard.

The washer, though technically in working condition, had it's own flaws. Namely that I couldn't reach the bottom of it without leaning my entire body over into it kamikaze style. Should I end up pregnant sometime down the line,  I would be unable to do laundry, and that is not kosher with my husband :) In other words, our washer and dryer are the duds referenced in the title of this post.

The duds.
 With all this in mind we decided to start watching the Sunday ads in hopes of finding a great deal on energy efficient front loaders. Memorial Day weekend we found such a sale. Home Depot and Lowe's were running the exact same sale..... Home Depot on a set of Maytags, Lowes on a set of whirlpools. The Maytags had the better reviews by far, so that's what we went with.

We were told the set would be delivered Saturday (today) between 8 and 12. In our experience that usually means we wait around all day and they finally get delievered in the evening. Those little weasel delivery men woke me up (on the first day of summer vacation!) at 7:30! They were outside our neighborhood and needed the gate code to get in...... by 8:30 these bad boys were installed and they were on their way! We've already done two loads of laundry and LOVE them!

One cycle is all that is required and I love the wrinkle free option. Somewhere down the line when we have children in diapers these will make cloth diapering much easier thanks to the pre-wash, stain rinse, and air dry options. Plus they are going to save us money being energy efficient!

Laundry at our house is pretty easy since there is only two of us. We keep two baskets in our closet, one for towels and one for clothes.

Tall for towels, short for clothing
 Please don't judge me by my color coded closet..... I do my husbands too..... see?


When they get full we tote them downstairs to the garage and into the wash. We keep our supplies on this little rack since the one on the wall is out of my reach and I do most of the laundry.

Can you tell we got a steal on Purex?
We also keep a drying rack for things that can't go in the dryer, a wastebasket for dryer sheets and lint, and some dryel bags for anything that is dry clean only. It works pretty well for us!

By the way, we are plugging away at our garage.... I think we've made about three trips to goodwill with stuff we no longer need and we are starting to clean and organize. Here's where we started (oh the shame!)

And here's where we are now.....

We're getting there! One of my main goals for June is to finish it!! At least we can see the floor now....
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