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Freezer cooking take 2

June 11, 2011
My first attempt at freezer cooking was such a success that I planned another round for this afternoon. Here's what I planned to make:

Southwest Rollups (10)
Lasagna X2
Porcupine Meatballs
Chicken and Rice Casserole X2
(all of these recipes can be found under my recipes tab at the top)

I started by popping chicken breasts in the oven to cook for the rollups and casserole.
While it was cooking I started making the lasagna.
Sometime after the last time I made Lasagna I had a revelation..... bread pans! Might not sound like much, but hear me out. If you have a small family like us and are only cooking for 2 or 3 most lasagna recipes make way too much. And if you aren't very good at keeping track of leftovers like us, it can often go bad. I make bread a lot and it struck me that a bread pan is the perfect size for a small lasagna.

So I made two in the small bread pans.
Then I popped em in the oven to cook and took out the chicken.
While the chicken was cooling I mixed up the meatballs and put em in a pan with a little oil to cook.

While they cooked I chopped up the chicken and mixed together the casserole.

The casseroles went in the freezer, and then I mixed the sauce for the meatballs.
The meatballs went in a pan with the sauce and then into the freezer.
Next I mixed up the filling for the rollups and rolled em up into the tortillas.

I stuck all the tortillas back into their bag and into the freezer they went.

Then I cleaned everything up, put everything back away, and rinsed all the dishes. Wouldn't you know just as I finished cleaning up the timer went off for the lasagna? I took it out and let it cool while I loaded the dishwasher and then into the freezer it went! I now have 7 more meals in there for this month!
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