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a little resolution

June 10, 2011
After a few weeks of trying to decide which picture to go with
I finally decided on the one on the left. It wasn't as busy but still held personal meaning for us. However, I greatly over estimated the size. It came in about a third of the size of the black and white one and just looked silly hanging over the bed. I found a new spot for it, over the bookcase, and started scouting out new artwork for over the bed.
It took me a while, but I finally found something I loved at Homegoods. It was the only one they had and I had never seen anything like it there on previous trips so I snatched it up. I think it looks great over our bed. Lots of contrast but still a laid back, relaxing vibe. The only thing I'm unsure of it the frame, I may paint it a dark brown to match the furniture.
The chairs are just like the ones down in the keys at a little restaurant called Morada Bay . We ate lunch there on our first trip down to check out wedding locations. Here's a picture of my sister and her boy in the chairs...
There's two other updates I hope to someday finish. First, I would love the VIV mother of pearl mirror for over my dresser. But I'm holding out for a price better than $250.

The only other project I hope to some day do is to install some shelving in the nook across from our bed. That way we can have more storage and not so much wasted space. But that's a big project for another day.
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