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The Jersey Shore

June 26, 2011
And I'm not talking about these clowns :)
They bring a bad name to a wonderful place, let me tell you.
Anyways, I'm talking about this Jersey Shore.

After we left Philadelphia, it's where we headed. While we were there we were able to celebrate Dan's Mom's Birthday with family.

We also spent a morning walking around historic Smithville. Full of shops, restaurants, and games.

MI friends, think Greenfield Village, very similar.
boys will be boys.
shooting practice
We also got to spend a night down on the Ocean City boardwalk, one of my favorite places. We played mini golf, ate ice cream, browsed in shops, and got a big tub of Johnsons popcorn to take home with us. It may or may not be empty now. (Note to self.... check if they ship to FL)

me and Gia
she beat us all!!
It was a wonderful trip and we are sad to be back home!
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