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First Grade Interview

August 31, 2020


FIRST grade! This feels like such a "big kid" year. This will be Jacob's second year in the same grade as mommy, since I'm moving up too! We're starting our year virtually, and we'll see how long it takes us to get back into the classroom. It will be an interesting and challenging year for sure!! Here's a little snapshot of Jacob as he heads off to First Grade: 

How old are you? 
Jacob: Five... I mean six...I'm six

Who's your best friend?
Jacob: All my friends are my favorite 

What's your favorite food?
Jacob: Bacon and dessert

What's your favorite color?
Jacob: blue and red and golden

What's your favorite toy?
Jacob: My Mario toys

What's your favorite book?
Jacob: Dog Man

What's your favorite tv show?
Jacob: Mario

What's your favorite movie?
Jacob: Trolls World Tour 

What do you like to do outside?
Jacob: Go swimming and camping

What do you like to do inside?
Jacob: Play Nintendo and watch TV

What's your favorite holiday?
Jacob: Halloween and Christmas 

What's your favorite animal?
Jacob: Dogs and sloths 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jacob: A Florida Panther hockey player and a dad

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