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Halloween 2017

November 2, 2017

Whew. I can not believe the whirlwind that is October is already over. I'm starting to pack away all the Halloween things, but I'm not quite ready for Christmas. Maybe I'll leave out a few pumpkins, and a turkey or two. Halloween is Jacob's jam... he was so sad last November 1st when he realized it was all over, so this year we tried to make it last as long as possible. We started with a little decorating in Early October, then quickly hit the ground running with one event after another. 

We hit up the pumpkin patch where we admired the pumpkins and drowned ourselves in apple cider donuts. We left empty handed, but it's always fun to make memories there. We don't buy our pumpkins until the night before Halloween because they'll rot in the southern heat otherwise. 

We went to a Halloween event at our local historical village where kids can trick or treat, make crafts, and ride some rides which is always a huge hit with Jacob. He wore his Beast costume which we had gotten for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, where we had planned to visit before Hurricane Irma hit. 

We also went to his preschool for their trunk or treat event, and his buddy Tinkerbelle came along with us. They made the cutest little pair, following each other around all night and practicing saying "Trick or Treat"

The weekend before Halloween my parents flew in and we drove up to Orlando for a fun filled weekend. I plan to give this trip it's own blog post, but one of the things we did was Brick-or-Treat at Legoland, which was tons of fun.

Mischief night we always order a pizza, carve our pumpkin, and watch The Great Pumpkin. We couldn't find the Great Pumpkin on TV, so we settled for Spookley with our pizza instead. Jacob picked out a robot design for his pumpkin, but wasn't much interested in helping with it. He'd take a few scoops and then hand off the spoon to someone else.

And last but not least, the main event. Halloween started off with a party at preschool that Jacob took his grandparents to, and after a long nap we fueled up with some dinner and headed out in search of candy. Trick or Treating itself was somewhat comical. Jacob walked to about two houses before deciding that he was done walking. He demanded (with screams and tears) to be pulled in the wagon the rest of the night while he waved around his glow stick sword and rifled through his candy bucket. These are the days. Am I right? I know someday he'll be too old, and then I'll be sad.

And just a few more picture of the cutest Neverland residents ever.

Until next year... 
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