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Halloween in Jacob's Room

October 9, 2017

Jacob's room is officially all decked out to celebrate his favorite holiday. Ever since Halloween decor started finding it's way into our red target cart and then into our living room, he's been asking for some "Halloween in my room." Once Daddy hung all our orange and purple lights and spider webs outside, he could hardly contain himself anymore. So this weekend I got to work and his room now reflects the Halloween obsessed kid that he is. 

Jacob loved his Christmas sheets and his Easter sheets last year so I started searching in early September for a Halloween version. After about a month of fruitless searching I found some fabric I loved and asked my mom to make him some. Grandma always delivers and he LOVES his Halloween dogs. 

And of course, his bookshelves always reflect the current season. We're about a month into the school year for his preschool so it was time to take down the back to school books and put up our favorite Halloween ones. 

Every time I stop and think to myself that we have too many books, Jacob proves to me that it's not true. Little guy LOVES his books and loves to flip through and "read" every one of them! 

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