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Thanksgiving Morning

November 28, 2017

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you did too! We made the rounds to see everyone and to enjoy some delicious food, and are feeling so blessed. The day always seems so busy, rushing from house to house, and little man almost always misses his nap and gets off schedule. The last few years we've settled into a Thanksgiving morning routine that allows us to relax together as a family before the rush of the day. 

We always start the day by warming up the oven and putting in a big batch of cinnamon rolls while we wait for the parade. A cinnamon roll breakfast on the holidays is a tradition I grew up with and I love passing it down to Jacob. Jacob almost always wakes up before the parade has started, so getting our cinnamon rolls ready helps fill the time. Once they're done we layer on the icing as thick as we can and enjoy! Some years I make them from scratch, THIS recipe is a favorite, but this year I went the lazy route and picked up a tube from Trader Joes. 

Once breakfast was done and it was time for the parade to start I whipped up some icing and we assembled Jacob's Gingerbread Turkey while we watched the parade. I don't know who decided that gingerbread isn't just for Christmas, but we're not mad about it. Jacob stuck two blue candies on the icing eyes I had piped and said "look! Jacob eyes!" Love that he gave him baby blues just like his!

 After the parade Jacob spent some time Facetiming with family out of state before we reluctantly got dressed to begin our busy day. Those precious few hours relaxing together in the morning are so refreshing and really help relax us before heading out. 

The rest of our day was filled with family, fun, and way too much food. One golden retriever got into the turkey, and one little boy ate his weight in pie. A day well spent. As sad as we are to see November come to an end, we are BEYOND excited for all the holiday fun that is to come!!

2 comments on "Thanksgiving Morning"
  1. Wao your jacob is so cute and naughty.Just Kidding.Yes indeed kids always acquire time from parents and specially childhood is such a sweet time that is unbriefable in words.

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