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June 10, 2017

Today you are the chattiest guy we know, narrating our whole lives step by step. When you aren’t talking, you are busy singing your favorite songs – ABCs, If You’re Happy and You Know it, Bad Romance, Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink, and Row, Row, Row your boat. You love to sing call and response style, singing a line and then waiting for us to sing the next one. 

Today you are a social butterfly who loves the attention of everyone around him. You love your friends, are good at sharing, and always cry when it’s time to part. 

Today you are still a champion napper, every day from 1-3. You go to bed a little later now – 8:00 and sleep in till around 7:30. You are still in your crib (for now!) and love the security of it around you. You sleep with your blankie hugged tight and lots of your stuffed animals around you. 

Today you are slowly getting your varied tastes in food back, but still prefer steak, pizza, PB&J, French fries, broccoli, and anything sweet. You turn on your charm and try to negotiate your way to get sweets instead of healthy food. 

Today you are obsessed with technology. You love to watch Pocoyo, Word Party, and Fireman Sam on tv. You love to play games on the iPad and our phones, especially My Talking Hank. We have to give you a time limit or you would play them all day!

Today you are silly and energetic, always on the go. You have the biggest, spunkiest smile that lights up the whole room. You love to join in other’s joy – shouting hooray and clapping when others are happy. 

Today you are stubborn, always wanting to do things on your own terms and proclaiming “No, I not.” When you don’t want to do or be something. You are strong, but sensitive, and get upset when others are upset or disappointed. 

Today you can give specific names for every construction vehicle, emergency vehicle, and anything else on wheels you see. Your favorite toy is your train set which you will play with for hours on end making up pretend scenes as you go. Your other favorite toys are bubbles, trucks, and your pirate ship. You love to read books and will sit quietly in your chair and read them to yourself, or curl in close on a lap to have a story read to you. 

Today you are smart as a whip – you can count, name most letters, name all your shapes and colors, and love learning new things. Once you learn something new, you love to share it with others and teach them too. You are potty trained too, only wearing pull-ups at night.

Today we love you more than we ever thought we could. 

Today you are THREE.

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