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The Bare {Beach} Necessities

June 8, 2017

Summer is in full swing and for us Floridians that means lots of beach trips to the beautiful ocean!! When Daddy comes with us on the weekends we bring enough stuff for a small army - chairs, coolers, tents, and bags and bags of stuff! But during the week when it's just me and little man, and I need one hand free to hold his hand, I pack super light. I only bring one bag that I can throw over my shoulder, packed with only the necessities. Here's what I pack: 

1. Towels: One for each of us. We sit on these so there's no need for beach chairs which are heavy and awkward to carry with one hand. We also use them to dry off at the end of our trip. 

2. Sunglasses: One pair each. We don't lug the umbrella out on our solo trips, so shades help keep the sun out of our eyes. 

3. Sunscreen: Every time. There is always room to protect your skin from the sun!

4. A few small beach toys: When Daddy comes we bring every beach toy we own, but little man is just as happy with a few shovels to dig and build. 

5. Our portable radio: Happy summer tunes make everything better!

6. Baby powder: This is our secret weapon for getting all that sand off at the end of our trip. Just pour some onto your skin and then wipe it off and the sand goes with it! Voila! No piles of sand in the car. 

7. Kleenex Go Anywhere: These little portable packs are perfect for tossing in the bag, or even hanging from the outside. Some thing about salt water always makes my kids nose run, and they're also good for wiping off the baby powder! 

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Happy Beaching! 
2 comments on "The Bare {Beach} Necessities"
  1. Always a must to have at the beach!!!! :) Cute bag too

  2. These things are must to take on a beach with you. Thank you for posting these pictures with us. I would like you to share some more stuff.