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Ice Cream Playdough

June 16, 2017

Ok Mommas, (Daddys, babysitters, etc.) It's the middle of June. Summer is in full swing. Are your kids bored yet? Are you pulling out your hair trying to keep them entertained? I've got an easy activity to add to your arsenal! It was a big hit here and I know your kids will love it too....


Ok so the name is a little bit misleading, it's not made with ice cream, but it does end up looking like ice cream once it's made. It's super simple to make: 

1 can of frosting (any flavor you like!)
2 1/2 to 3 cups of powdered sugar (until it's not sticky anymore)

Just add the whole can of frosting to a bowl and then 1/2 cups at a time mix in powdered sugar until it's no longer sticky. A stand mixer works best for this, or you can be like me and use a wooden spoon and get in your arm workout for the day. I'm all about two birds with one stone. 

You can use different flavors of frosting (think strawberry, key lime, funfetti!) to make different colored playdough that looks like various flavors of ice cream. Our frosting was chocolate so we made chocolate ice cream playdough. 

Once it's made you'll want to dump into a container for your kids to play with. Then you'll want to round up some play tools! If you have a sand ice cream set or a toy ice cream set those would work awesome for this, but I don't so I worked with what we had - silicon muffin liners, a waffle cone, sprinkles, various dishes, a spoon, and an ice cream scoop.

Jacob had an absolute blast scooping, dumping, decorating, and pretending to eat and serve his ice cream. If your kids get carried away and decide to eat some - no worries! Those two ingredients are completely edible, thought they MAY give your kids a major sugar rush. So maybe try this out after nap, not before. 

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  1. how cute! My daughter would love to play with this!

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  3. Such a fun idea! And a great addition for an ice cream social party.

  4. What a fun activity! My son would totally eat it!

  5. Oh that's awesome! My son would LOVE this!!!!

  6. How fun is that!! I'll definitely be truing this with my girlies!!

  7. Seriously so cute! Love this! =)