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Toddler Bathtime Favorites

February 23, 2017

If you play your cards right, bath time with your toddler can be one of the most relaxing times of day. I know that traditionally it's a splashing wet, wrangling slippery noodles kind of job, but it doesn't have to be! What if I told you I read, draw, and even occasionally drink wine while my toddler is in the tub? And you can too! But first, you need your ducks in a row. 

In order for you to relax and have some me-time, your toddler needs to be safely occupied. We use bath treads on the bottom of our tub to keep Jacob from slipping, a faucet cover to keep him from banging his head, and plenty of toys to keep him entertained. Besides bath crayons, books, and letters, he also loves popping bubbles from his bubble machine, pouring water down his bath pipes, and swimming his sharks around the tub. The more things you have for your child to play with independently, the longer they will play! If he's allowed to, Jacob will play in the tub for an hour or more while I sit nearby.

One of the biggest ways we keep bath time stress free, is making Jacob pick up his own bath toys. Get a toy organizer that suctions to the wall and teach your child to put all the toys in there when they're done playing. Voila! You no longer have to break your back bending over the tub to pick up all the toys. When play time is over we scrub him down with our favorite SoCozy shampoo and conditioner. It doubles as body wash and we'll never use anything else - I love the mango smell that much! Carter's bath towels are our favorites when it's time to get out. Make sure you get the big ones, not the baby ones! They are adorable, soft, and hold up for forever! 

Toy Storage // Letters & Numbers
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  1. These are great toddler bathtime products! I typically find bathtime relaxing too because Caleb just enjoys playing and goofing off while he's bathing but can do it independently! <3