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Our weekend: Street Painting Festival 2017

February 27, 2017

This weekend was the annual street painting festival in our small town and while it's one of our favorite weekends of the year, it's also a challenging one. Daddy works long hours during the festival, going in early and coming home late at night which means it's just Jacob and Momma all weekend. Naturally, Jacob chose this weekend to let his sleep issues flare up again, waking early and refusing to take his normal nap on Saturday. When your toddler's two hour napping period is the only time you have to get things done and then it doesn't happen, you REALLY miss it. Thankfully he made up for it by taking an extra long nap on Sunday. 

That being said, we really do love the festival. We love grabbing coffee and scones from the Starbucks downtown and walking up and down the street together as a family checking out all the art work. We love the arepas, crepes, and sugared pecans from the food vendors, and the way the BBQ stand makes the whole neighborhood smell amazing. We love watching the artists as they craft their masterpieces and figuring out exactly which way to tilt our heads to make the 3D drawings looks just right. 

Jacob loves the children's garden where kids can get their own chalk and marked off space to make their own artwork. Jacob picked out his own five colors - purple, yellow, green, red, and pink; and was very serious about not letting his smudger fly away. I always have a heavy duty load of wash to do Sunday night, to get all that chalk out of his clothing! 

Until next year! XO

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