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Easter Egg-stravaganza {A year of creative play dates}

March 28, 2016

This post could easily be titled "The Easter play date that wasn't."

As a momma, and a blogger, and a full time teacher, I sometimes have to accept that it just isn't all going to get done. And since I can't drop the ball on my kid or my job, sometimes it's blogging here that has to take the hit. 

As it was this year, when Easter fell super early during our Spring Break. There was just no way to fit in an actual play date with other kids. But that doesn't mean we didn't have an egg-cellent time just me and little man. 

Here's what I WOULD have done, if Easter hadn't coincided with spring break and I could have had over all our friends for a play date. You may recall that I always set my play dates up the same - an activity, a snack, a craft, and a meal (usually lunch).

Let's start with our meal shall we? Bunny tail pancakes are just about the cutest thing around so I would have either served them for breakfast, or served breakfast for lunch. 

Bananas and blueberries make up his paws and some whipped cream makes that sweet little tail. Depending on our crowd, some bacon or sausage would be nice on the side, as well as a glass of milk. Just imagine a striped paper straw ok? 

After breakfast we would have gotten our craft on, dying Easter eggs. This year I went for the cool whip and food coloring approach, but it was way messier than I anticipated. 

I think in the future, especially for play dates, I'll stick to the traditional method. 

Next, after everyone was bathed down in baby wipes, we'd move on to our activity: Egg Hunting! (Because, of course!) This is self explanatory. I've found the best toddler friendly things to fill eggs with are fruit snacks, jelly beans, and little toys. 

Just make sure you remind all of your friends to bring their Easter baskets! You wouldn't want a toddler meltdown because there is no where to put all the eggs. 

The kids would be good and tired (hopefully!) after our egg hunt, so it would be the perfect time to sit down and tackle our snack: bunny cookies! 

Bunny cookies are no fun plain, of course, so we'd decorate them with some fresh spring green (key lime flavor) frosting and easter sprinkles!

So there you have it! File it away for next year! Someone please tell me Easter isn't unusually early next year??
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