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10 on the 10th : 21 Months

March 10, 2016

3 months and counting until your second birthday... where has the time gone?? 

1. You can count to ten with help - you like to say the even numbers and we say the odd ones. 

2. You are very dramatic. Screaming and crying if things don't go your way and then totally fine and happy a minute later. 

3. Your vocabulary has exploded - you can name most things and string together two and three word sentences. 

4. You still won't sleep without your blankie, and lately you like a sippy cup in your crib too. ( thank goodness for leak proof sippy's)

5. You've become somewhat of a picky eater. Your favorites are mostly still the same - broccoli, strawberries, sausage, pizza, grilled cheese, and you love sweets. 

6. You are very curious. You love to go to the playground and to run around and explore. You like to climb up, but won't go down the slide unless someone goes with you. 

7. You go to bed at 7pm without a fuss most nights and wake up between 6 and 6:30. Unless you are teething or sick, then it's a totally different story. 

8. You love to go to the pool and are very comfortable in the water. You also love playing in the water in the bathtub, and playing in the sand and water at the beach. 

9. You like to brush teeth, but only if you can do it yourself, which mostly consists of tasting the toothpaste. When Mama or Dada brush your teeth for real you scream. 

10. You love to be read to and point out all the things you know if your books. Every night you like to pick out your own books and then crawl into our laps with your blankie and sippy to read before going to bed. 

We love you sweet boy. 

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