Tuesdays with Jacob: 17 Weeks Old | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 17 Weeks Old

October 14, 2014

You turned four months old this week!!

You discovered your feet! Whenever we lay you down on the floor to play or on your changing pad to change your diaper you start grabbing for your toes!

It's still chatter central around here....

You became a drool monster too! Mommy felt around in your mouth but she didn't feel any teeth getting ready to pop through! We got out your bibs anyways :)



We went to our new Trader Joe's for the first time and you were SO chatty. Babbling, giggling, cooing, laughing, you were so excited. Everyone we passed had to peek in and smile at the happy baby.

Then we stopped in to the Gill's for playtime and you discovered a love for calamari ;)

You are grabbing for things (besides your toes) more than ever! 


Playtime is so fun now watching you discover new things (and trying to shove them in your mouth)

You love playing with daddy!

You have enough head control now to sit in your little seat. You love sitting up like a big boy!

We are still loving your Halloween duds, and getting so excited that it is getting closer!

On Columbus day you woke us all up early with a diaper explosion! So after a bath we grabbed some breakfast at Panera, and then went shopping for new flip flops. It might be October, but it's always sandal season here!

We always know when you are tired because you start your "tired babble" which sounds like a cross between babbling/whining/singing.

Eighteen extraordinary weeks!

Here's to four amazing months!!

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