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10 on the 10th: October Edition

October 10, 2014

Here are ten wonderful things about Jacob at 4 months old! 

1. You've learned to suck your thumb!

2. You are starting to grab for objects

3. You made your first trip to the pumpkin patch

4. You are getting very vocal. You love to babble at us and you like when we talk back to you.

5. You are in cloth diapers now

6. You love to watch football on T.V.

7. You sleep with mittens on because you like to scratch your face in your sleep.

8. You still enjoy bath time :)

9. Anything you can get your hands on goes straight into your mouth!

10. You like to lay in your crib and look at your mobile, but if we even think about leaving you alone in there to sleep you scream until we take you out!

We love you so much!!!
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