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Getting Ready for Baby: The Hospital Bag

June 2, 2014

If you've been following along in this series, you know I have serious anxiety about "not being ready" when  baby gets here. Being ready for the hospital was no exception. My bags were packed and ready before 35 weeks, since that's the week I myself was born. I scoured the internet and pinterest for packing lists and then added to my bag the things that I thought sounded the most helpful. This is our first baby so I'm not expert by any means, and my opinion of what a good hospital bag contains may change, but here's what I packed.

My bag: 

2 nightgowns and a robe from Target's Gilligan & O'Malley line. I was told black is the way to go. 

A delivery gown from Baby Be Mine Maternity. A non-necessity for sure, but so cute. 

Non slip socks and slippers. 

Depends. Niiiice, right? I'm told their easier to deal with than the pads they give you. 

Travel size toiletries (Target has an entire travel size section!)

A towel and Washcloth (I went with black again, we happened to have some old but still soft ones at our house), plus flip flops for the shower

Lanolin, Earth angel nipple butter, Earth Angel Bottom Spray

Nursing pads (disposable and non) , Bravado nursing bras, 2 nursing tanks (Gilligan & O'Malley)

A coming home outfit (Target, Liz Lange Maternity)

My Kindle

My pillow (with a bright pillowcase so it doesn't get lost)

Baby's Bag: 

A monogrammed blanket for pictures

two swaddle blankets (aden & anais)

two different pacifiers (to use as a last resort)

Vaseline for post circumcision

two outfits and a security blanket for pictures

A coming home outfit

His baby book (for foot prints)

Boppy Pillow (for Breastfeeding)

Snack Bag: 
- goldfish crackers
-snack size cookies
-granola bars
- trail mix
-coconut water

My husband was responsible for his own bag, but it contains pajamas, a fresh change of clothes, a book, the camera, and our laptop.

Did you pack anything super helpful that I missed? 

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