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Spice Rubbed Beer Can Chicken

October 10, 2011
Here's a recipe sure to amaze your friends and families, and taste buds too! You need: a pantry full of spices, olive oil, a whole chicken and a can of beer.

Here's what you do:

1. Turn on ONE side of your grill. Let it heat up to medium- high

2. Open your beer and drink half.

3. Rub down your chicken with the spice mix

4. Place chicken on top of the can of beer

5. Place beer and chicken in a drip pan on the grill on the OPPOSITE side away from the flames

6. Unless you like pyro-technics. Then by all means, put the chicken on top of the flame.

Chicken on the Left, Flame on the Right

7. Let it cook for an hour (we threw some foil wrapped potatoes in there too)

8. Remove from the grill, take the chicken off the beer and cover with foil to sit for ten minutes.

9. Carve and Enjoy!

It's delicious. Can you really go wrong with chicken and beer???

Here's the Recipe:
Beer Can Chicken
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