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House Number Wreath

September 3, 2011
Pinterest kills me. Check out these adorable wreaths....
I had to have one. I have a long history with wreaths. They remind me of my childhood homes where my mother always had one hanging on the door. And several others in her basement craft room. That craft room was so full you could hide there for hide and seek and no one would find you. You'd wander out hours later wondering why everyone forgot about you. 
Anyways, clearly I get my craft and creativity from her. I set out to Michaels and picked up a wreath, house numbers on clearance, overpriced flowers, paint, a brush, and E600.

E600 is the best glue ever. Reminds me of gluing 6,000 rhinestones to my dance costumes in high school. Some people used hot glue for this but I have flashes back to my mothers wreaths and everything melting off them in the summer heat. Living in FL, I decided hot glue was not a good option. 

I started out by giving my house numbers a few coats of acrylic craft paint in a color called vanilla to match the cream flowers.
 While they dried I layed out my flowers in an arrangement I thought looked good.
Then used the E600 to glue them on. While the glue dried I gave the numbers another coat and then drank some coffee and watched the Pioneer Woman's new cooking show while waiting for them to dry. When the letters were all dry I glued them onto the side and then waited again for the glue to dry.
When everything was finally dry I hung it up on my front door. Please excuse my ugly hurricane shutters. They were installed for safety, not style. They happen to be very dusty because we (knocks on wood) haven't had a big storm in a few years. One good hurricane and they'll be powerwashed clean again.
3 comments on "House Number Wreath"
  1. Nice job! I've been eyeing these types of wreaths on pinterest as well. So cute!

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