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A few updates

September 10, 2011
We are officially a 2 car family again! Dan has a new (to us) 2003 Nissan Sentra, and we love it already.
The same day Dan got the new car, my new organizer from Erin Condren came. I ordered it for half price ($25)  and free shipping from a deal site and I LOVE it. From the cute cover:
to the monthly tabs:
to the cheerful quote that starts each month:
to the monthly calendars:
which are then broken down by weeks:
to the note space near the back:

the very back is full of stickers for every possible appointment, party, or occasion:
You can even make your own stickers with these blank labels:
There's a pocket for loose papers, receipts, shopping lists, etc:
and a clear pouch filled with personalized labels:
The whole thing is bound with heavy duty laminate making it nice and sturdy:
For someone as obsessed as I am with organizing every aspect of my life it is heaven on Earth. They also sell a teacher planner which I am hoping to get next schools year.
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