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The Goal.

January 23, 2011
Ask my husband, I love goals.

The Goal in 2009 was to buy a house.

The Goal in 2010 was to plan an elegant, fun, beach-side wedding for our families and friends to enjoy.

Moving on to our Goal for 2011. And no, it's not to get pregnant. Maybe we'll attempt that in 2012.
In 2011 we want to get organized and get out of debt

Some major areas I want to organize this year include:
The Garage - it's a disaster zone.
The Dogs - their bowls, food, toys, etc.
My Cookbooks - which are currently cluttering up a corner of my dining room
Shoe Storage - our current situation makes my head hurt every time I look at it.
The Desk/Office area - which is going to have to include an eventual new desk purchase
The Closets - Bedroom, Linen, Coat, Pantry, etc.

Our Plan for getting out of debt includes:
Making no new purchases on credit cards
Using Dave Ramsey's Debt snowball to pay off as much as we can each month
Keeping the food budget in check with menu planning and coupons
Limiting going out to eat, the movies, and frivolous purchases as much as we can :)
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