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Getting Organized : One Step at a Time

January 25, 2011
I just love a good play on words. You see this post is all about shoes. This is what our shoe situation looked like prior to Saturday:

It made my head hurt everytime I looked at it. The bucket didn't match the house, nor was it big enough to hold all the shoes. As you can see having shoes on the ground also leaves them within reach of the puppy,  the teething puppy. No good. Saturday Morning I set out to fix this mess. I bought one of each of these:

 I built the drawers (ALL BY MYSELF!) and loaded them up with flip flops:

Then we left to go watch the Bears/Packers game. Packers won. I may or may not have left 15 minutes before the game ended to run across the street to get cupcakes before the bakery closed at 6 pm. When we returned home I set right back to work and built (MOSTLY BY MYSELF!) the 15 compartment shelf. My husband hammered in the last few nails because I had already hammered my thumb twice and was getting very upset. Our shoe storage now looks like this:

MUCH better. I am a much saner person when I walk by it. So to keep myself up to date my 2011 organizational list now looks like this:

The Garage.
The Dogs
My Cookbooks  
Shoe Storage
The Desk/Office area
The Closets

In February I plan to tackle the dog issue. One thing at a time.
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