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Birthday Gifts for One Year Old Girls

July 17, 2022

  I can't believe we've got only a month left of babyhood. Those first three months in the NICU seemed to stretch on forever, and then the last few have just flown by! I asked around for gift ideas as I'm starting to plan her birthday, and I've compiled some of the ideas here. 

One // Snack Cups: We're still working on that pincer grip, but these cups are perfect for cheerios or puffs. I love that they have a lid and collapse down for easy storage in your diaper bag or drawer. 
Two // Walker: We're big fans of tenderleaf toys and love the classic wood look of their toys. This sunshine one is top of my list. This primary colored one and this Etsy one are good picks too! 
Three // Popsicle Pjs: The summery colors on these are what hooked me, but if you're looking for a classic birthday print we love these from Little Sleepies. 
Four // Water Table: This was one of the most frequently recommended gifts and I loved the double layers on this one. I also love this one that has a bubble machine. 
Five // Musical Llama: This llama is full of fun musical activities like a xylophone, maracas, and drums. Perfect for introducing little ones to music! 
Six // Crib Shoes: These classic Adidas sneakers have soft soles for beginning walkers. We also love Freshly Picked moccasins with their soft leather! 
Seven // Sand Toys and Bucket: If you have any beach trips in your future a beach pail and sand toys are a perfect gift. I love that this pail can be rolled up for easy storage in your beach bag. The sand toys (sold seperately) come with their own little mesh bag. 
Eight // Unicorn Bubble Machine: What baby doesn't love bubbles? This unicorn one is such a fun shape! 
Nine // Slumberkins: Each animal shaped lovey comes with it's own character building book. The unicorn and narwhal are at the top of my list! Some of our other favorite loveys include taggie blankets, and warmies stuffed animals. 
Ten // Baby Balance Bike: Another highly recommended item. I loved the soft pink of this one
Eleven // Weighted Straw Cup: These were our favorite sippy cups with Jacob, the weighted straw making it easy for him to get even the last bit of water out. The munchkin ones work great too! 
Twelve // Flamingo Rocker: The little seat makes this rocker more suitable for our littlest ones. I also love this swan version from our Christmas List. 
More Ideas: 
Playroom Goodies: The Nugget Couch, Pickler Triangle and Ramp, and this indoor/outdoor climbing structure would all be great additions to a playroom if you've got the extra space. We've also really enjoyed the developmental toys from Lovevery. Their subscription boxes are broken down by age. 
Feeding Essentials: Divided plates, utensils, and bibs are all great to have on hand as baby continues to explore table food. 

Hope this round up gives you a few ideas and that you have fun putting together gifts for your little ones! Happy shopping friends, XO.
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