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June 10, 2018

Today you are creative and imaginative, always using pillows to build yourself castles and lairs to play superheroes or villains with your two pretend friends, Wall-e and Eva. If the house is a little too quiet, we're sure to find you whipping up delicacies in your play kitchen, or building elaborate train track configurations. 

Today you are a stage 5 clinger who follows us everywhere and is always underfoot. You prefer sticking to the comfort of what you know, and are wary of trying anything new. Sleeping in Mom and Dads bed is your favorite treat and you love to cuddle in close. 

Today you are a thrill seeker who makes us nervous on the regular. Bed jumping, couch climbing, stair sliding, and amusement park rides exhilarate you and bring the biggest smile to your face. (Not to mention boo boos to your body)

Today you are a preschool graduate who aced his assessments, loved his teacher, and showed tremendous growth in both academics and maturity over the last year. On to Pre-k this fall at "Mommas school."

Today you have your own specific sense of style. Your hair has been growing out for quite some time and you tell everyone "I don't want it cut!". You like to stay in your pajamas all day, wear Daddy's hats, and you've never met a pair of sunglasses you didn't love. 

Today you are a homebody who prefers curling up on the couch with a blanket, reading a book (especially Elephant & Piggie) or watching a movie over any outside activity except for going to the park, which you are always up for. 

Today you are a grazer who would prefer to snack all day long and never eat an actual meal. Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pizza, donuts, broccoli, strawberries, and ravioli are some of your favorite foods. 

Today you are the sweetest friend, providing hours of giggles, the tightest hugs, sympathy beyond your years, and always, always crying when it's time to go. You ask for your friends by name and always want to play. 

Today you are a lover of dinosaurs, trucks, Star Wars, muffin (Muppet) Babies, and the iPad. You dislike band-aids, dirt, and loud noises, and are afraid of bugs and the dark. 

Today you have been wearing your glasses for 8 months now. You scared Mom and Dad with your diagnosis, but have adapted well and been responsible. You lived through Hurricane Irma this year, dropped your nap time, and moved out of your crib to a big boy bed too.

Today we'll celebrate you with everything you personally requested at your party: chocolate cake, pizza on a plate, and all your friends. 

Today we love you more than we ever thought we could. 

Today you are FOUR.

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  1. Happy birthday cutie! I love this area you captured photos at! such cool art

  2. He is such a cutie. Love these photos!