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How to Start a Mom Blog

February 8, 2018

This post is sponsored, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Are you a new Mom who always has the best advice? Do people tell you that you are super creative with your party planning for your kids? How about your friends- do you connect with a lot of them across the country? Has anyone ever told you that you should start a blog?

I’m sure you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure or really just undecided if starting a blog is right for you! I’ve been there too! And to tell you the truth, it’s not as scary as you may think! For one thing, you probably know a few of the basics because as Moms, we tend to gravitate towards other Moms, reading a lot of Mom blogs, going onto Facebook groups or hanging out on PInterest while your little ones sleep. Basically, everyone online is sharing how great of a community the blogging world is and so now you’re getting a bit more curious about it and how it all works.

Yes of course, we all want to make money and contribute to our family. To be able to be there for our kids, make a bit of income to help pay some bills and really love what you’re doing is basically a dream job come true right? Well, I’m telling you it's not really a dream but can be your reality with a few quick tips that I’ve learned over the years!

Let’s start at the beginning for how to start your very first MOM blog!

Find a Niche- Now most people would say that this isn’t a big deal but I personally found over the years that it does play a role into connecting with other people. To figure out what your niche might be, think of these questions. What are you passionate about? What keeps you up at night or look at your hobbies to figure out what you can write for a long time. Look at previous experience to help you decide. Is there a need for my niche? One way to think about this is checking Facebook- go to a few of the groups you belong to and use their search function. See if there are any questions lurking around.

Choose A Platform- I personally use Blogger as a platform because it’s free but others have used Worpress to help. There are several articles on why you want to choose a good platform so make sure you do some research before picking one.

Think Of A Name - This is a super exciting part! A name for your blog! Think of something fun, that describes why someone would want to go to your website and see what it’s all about! Think of your niche again to have it help you! I picked my name back when I start because Jacob was born on a Tuesday and that's when we would share our updates each week.

Begin Writing - When you’re ready to begin your post, think of something that can lure readers in. Always use SEO keywords to help. What’s SEO you ask? Search Engine Optimization. It’s how Google ranks your blog in their search system. Keywords are really important to get your blog to grow and gain new followers every day! I wasn’t sure where to even begin when I started and struggled for a few months. A friend of mine shared that she reached out to a company that specialized in helping brands and bloggers get their fullest potential. A company that I found is called Jacksonville SEO Company. This website was founded by Matt Anton who is an SEO expertise at getting brands the ranking they need to reach the top. Him and his team offer free quotes to new bloggers looking to get started, advice on how to revamp their website and offer amazing customer service to all who reach out to them.

Reach Out To Groups - Once your blog is set up, you need to start marketing it to others. Use Facebook Groups, Instagram Pods and tell all your friends and family. The more people know about your blog ( and word of mouth is so big! ) the more you’ll get noticed, brands will notice ( and start pitching ! ) and hopefully you can get a little income started!

Be Patient- All of this to say, if you do want to start your Mom blog and be successful, make sure you are patient with all of it. It does take time to start making a steady income and that’s ok! It’s all about the learning process so have fun with it and enjoy your new community of friends and fellow Moms!

What is some advice you have for starting a blog?

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