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1,000 Days

March 6, 2017

How is it even possible? 1,000 days ago our lives were changed in the very best way. We got our first look at you, whispered "Happy Birthday" and fell in love. You've taught us so much since then, and learned so much yourself. 

In the past 1,000 you've never once ceased to amaze us. Your vocabulary has multiplied rapidly, and so has your heart. You are gently with animals and sweet with your friends. You bring a smile to everyone's face with your constant talking and singing, and loving. 

Things we think will be hard, or take time, come easily to you. You learn new things so fast, and never forget. You potty trained early, and quickly, and Momma and Daddy couldn't believe it was really that easy. You love learning new things like letters, and numbers, and the names of every type of train. 

You are so proud when you get things right, like pull backs in soccer, or back floats at swimming. You get a big grin and say "I did it! Jacob did it" and love high fives from your coaches. You are wild and silly, never still except to cuddle in for a story and a song at bedtime. 

You are so fun, and we're so lucky you're ours. Here's to the next 1,000 days!

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