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Our Winter Michigan Trip

January 16, 2017

The day after Christmas Jacob and I flew up to Michigan to stay with my parents. We were so excited when we got there to see snow on the ground! It was hazy and drizzling, and by the next morning it was gone, but we loved it the .2 seconds we got to play in it! We spent the rest of the rainy evening inside where Jacob was more than happy to find another train set waiting for him!

We had another "Christmas morning" while we were there with my parents and siblings. We re-did the whole day over again from the beginning: Cinnamon rolls, presents, and ham dinner. Jacob was really excited to help everyone open their presents! 

After presents there was some drone flying before nap and then more presents and dinner with my grandmothers, followed by salted caramel fudge for dessert!

A few days after our arrival Jacob came down with HFM, which meant we didn't really get out and do much, and had numerous sleepless nights as his little body tried to fight off the virus. We spent most of our time being lazy in doors and avoiding contact with everyone. 

 He did get himself on the mend by New Years Eve and we celebrated Noon Year's Eve at the Detroit Historical Museum, followed by lunch at the Detroit Institute of Arts. That night we ordered in pizza, popped some fresh firecracker popcorn, and no one made it to the ball drop at midnight!

We also took little man to see SING! which was his first movie since our disastrous 15 minute attempt last summer. He LOVED it! And he made it all the way through the movie, so that was a win! We had one other day when tiny snowflakes were falling off and on all day. We dressed in our winter gear and raced out everytime it started only to have it stop as soon as we got out there. We tried approximately 20 times before we finally got out in time to see some tiny flakes falling. 

Winter break might be over, but we're already dreaming of all things tropical and looking forward to seeing everyone again at Spring break in 2 months!
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