2.5 | Tuesdays with Jacob


January 19, 2017

Oh the twos. The lovely, lovely, twos. I refuse to call them terrible, because even the worst moments of tantrums and stubbornness are redeemed with sweetness and love. We're really just amazed these days at all the ways he's growing. He laid out on the couch the other day with the iPad and I stared at him for the longest time just marveling at how long he's gotten. Nearly all signs of babyness are gone, which makes me want to weep. He's a little man through and through. 

We get stopped on the regular by people marveling over his speech. He talks. and talks and talks and talks. All day long. He says "Mommy" 25 times in a row even if I answer him the first time. If he wants in on what you're eating/playing/watching/doing he'll say "How about Jacob?" and if he doesn't want to do something he'll say "How about (anyone else)" He frequently says "Come on, Come on" as he drags us up the stairs to play trains for the 100th time. 

He's still picky about food but slowly branching back out. Pizza, PB&J, and chicken nuggets are favorites, but we can also get him to eat chicken, beef, shredded pork, rice, beans, most veggies and fruits. And dip. He'll eat almost everything if he can dip it. Ranch. Ketchup. Butter. He's not picky about dip. He has finally figured out the Munchkin 360 miracle cup (aff link), so goodby every other cup that we've tried because these are the best!

He's a busy little guy with soccer on Mondays and swimming on Tuesdays and Gym class on Wednesdays. Getting out energy is always a good thing, because he seems to have extra stores of it hidden somewhere. Screen time is about the only thing that keeps him still and quiet and we have to seriously limit it because he would watch/play all the livelong day if we let him. 

He love music, especially Taylor Swift, Sia, Lady Gaga, and anything Christmas. It's Christmas 365 days a year at our house. He recently made it all the way through his first movie SING! and I highly credit that to all the music in the movie. I rented a different movie a week ago and he cried when he realized it wasn't SING! 

Sleep is still hit or miss. He naps well for 2 hours in his crib, pack and play or daycare cot. He's become a master negotiator at bedtime. Always taking FOR-EV-ER to go potty or needing just one more drink. Sometimes he sleeps through the night from 7-6:30 and sometimes he wakes up several times a night needing to go potty or have just one more drink. Sometimes he wakes up much earlier at 5:30 or 6. He's really just all over the place with sleep and I"m praying this is just another phase that shall soon pass. 

He 100% believes that kisses instantly cure boo-boos, takes great pleasure in bossing around his pups, happily cuddles in anytime someone has a storybook to share, and gives the BEST hugs and kisses. He's our little dream come true and we love him SO much!

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  1. I'm right there with you! I would never call the two's terrible! I'm loving this age!