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Of Festivals and Food Trucks

February 23, 2016

Every February, for two days, our little town shuts down it's streets for a very special festival. The Street Painting Festival! There are people, food vendors, entertainment, and art work everywhere - it's all very Stars Hollow like, and we just love it.

Locals, professionals, and some local professionals decorate our downtown streets with the most gorgeous artwork. Some are recreations of famous paintings or photographs, and some are original art works.

Local businesses, schools, and churches send representatives who work all weekend long transforming our black asphalt into a mosaic of vibrant colors. The most amazing part - it's all done in chalk!

There's a special area roped off just for kids too, and this was Jacob's favorite part by far. He has a recent love of chalk and really went for it.

That isn't to say that he didn't also like looking at all the paintings - especially the ones with things he recognized, like doggies!

I spent a lot of the weekend chasing him around as he explored. He's very independent these days and likes to do everything himself. He ran to his hearts content, pointing out every door, circle, and cat!

Now we can't let our artists starve of course, and this weekend is very much a food truck invasion also. We consumed lots of crepes, hot dogs, good southern BBQ, and ice cream!

We were a little sad to see the weekend come to a close - we'll definitely be back next year, with our little town troubadour in tow!

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