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Tuesdays with Jacob: 49 Weeks

May 26, 2015

We flew back home from New Jersey on Tuesday, and we've had lots of fun here at home! 

Playing with some of your new Birthday toys from your NJ party....

Not to mention all your other toys...

You are getting so good walking with your walker! 

And your favorite toy of all.... Leo's cage! 

Lots of reading, you love books!

You love food more than ever, you always want to eat! 

You haven't been sleeping or napping as well this week. We're pretty sure it's because tooth #7 is breaking through!

You love when we let you sit in the bathtub like a big boy without your seat. 

We celebrated Memorial day with Brunch at a new place, some swimming, shopping, and a barbecue! 

We can't believe you are almost one! 

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