Tuesdays with Jacob: 48 weeks old | Tuesdays with Jacob

Tuesdays with Jacob: 48 weeks old

May 19, 2015

We were on the move this week! 

The beginning of the week we went to a park to take your first birthday pictures. You HATED your smash cake and screamed and cried. 

We spent the rest of the week relaxing at home and packing for our trip. 

Then, it was the weekend and it was time to go to New Jersey! You got to meet and play with Cousin Declan. 

And spend lots of time with Nonna, Uncle Joe and Aunt Caitlin, and the rest of your NJ family. 

We had an early birthday party for you, and we had a good time even though you started to not feel well. 

By the time we got home that night your fever was very high, so we took you to the hospital where they took care of you. 

You were a champ all weekend, sleeping in a new bed in a new place. 

Goodbyes are hard :(

We'll be back this summer! 

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