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Monthly Favorites: Month 9

March 16, 2015

Little Man is now 9 months!!

Here's what we're loving! 

1. Swimways baby spring float: We use this  lot now that we are getting our nice weather back. It has a detachable sun shade that comes in handy, and it folds down into a nice little carrying case. Jacob loves to go in the pool!

2. Fisher Price Singin' Soccer Ball: Jacob has yet to meet a ball he doesn't like. If it rolls, he's all about it. This one is his favorite though. It's the perfect size for him to hug in his arms and he loves to squeeze it and make it sing.

3. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy Table: We got this toy out now that Jacob can pull himself up to standing. He loves all the interactive features on the table but especially the laptop. It makes a fun noise when you open or close it and Jacob loves to do exactly that and make the sound over and over.

4. Happy Baby Teethers: We're cutting a 6th tooth :( Jacob likes these because he can hold them in his hand and bite off a little at a time.

5. Crane Cool Mist Humidifier:They call him Freddy the Frog. Jacob gets congested when he's cutting a new tooth and Freddy helps get us through the night without too many wake ups! 

6. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker: Jacob hasn't figured out how to walk with this yet, and it's the one thing he doesn't pull up on, but he loves to sit or kneel in front of it and play with all the musical instruments.
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